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Say Cheese!

 This blog post is the third in a series focused on some of the issues surrounding the use of ICT within educational settings and my reflections as we move through the eSmart Accrediation Process.

Image by The Suss-Man (Mike). Used under a creative commons licence.

In the last few weeks of term, we have been madly preparing community events like our Christmas Concert and Graduation. Naturally, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members want to remember and capture these events that feature their children through photographs or home movies.

As teachers and as schools we are required to fill in countless permission forms these days for even the most basic of things; including taking students photographs and detailing where they will be published. Yet, here were our parents and students taking photos and videos without us and of other students without us having any idea where they would end up.

I’m not for banning cameras from events, but surely this does create a grey area in schools. In a world that has come so litigious, are we creating a situation where we are putting ourselves and our students are at risk ?

How do you manage parents and students taking photos at school events ?