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Reading on the web: Managing the good stuff

I love reading and surfing the web from my iPad. It has become somewhat part of my morning routine now that over a good cup of coffee I will read my email, check Facebook and Twitter and go through the blogs I have subscribed to on Google reader.

As I go about doing this, I’ll often find a good link on Twitter or a great blog post with links that takes me to a great new site or a new blog or details of a book I’d like to read or video I’d like to watch later….

Without wanting to get too sidetracked, I want to “put it somewhere” to follow it up… Eg: buy that book, read the article again, watch that video, search for more information….

So, what do you do with it ?

Lately I’ve been emailing the link to myself, but have noticed that things get lost and it just clogs up my inbox amongst other messages. I also favorite tweets and star Google reader items, but it seems that things are all over the place. I’m sure there’s a better way to put it all in one place, but I’m yet to discover what it is…..

So, how do you manage your reading on the web ?

PD through podcasts

So mabye I’m a little late in jumping on the bandwagon, but I’ve discovered podcasts.

Photo created by Bent Kure Photo under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Photo created by Bent Kure Photo under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

I’ve been listening so far to the Ed Tech Crew with Tony Richards and Darrel Branson and R U Connected with Jenny Ashby and Lois Smethurst. I’ve been listening to them each morning and afternoon as I drive to and from work and been listening as I do the ironing (a task I hate but made so much more enjoyable as I listen to each of these episodes). I’ve loved learning about new sites and resources and using them as an opportunity to liven tasks that I’d otherwise seen as boring or as a chance to be more productive at a time when I’m usually not.

As a ‘noob‘ though, what I’m wondering though is how do others manage their podcast subscriptions ? Is there a better way of managing\subscribing to podcats ? At the moment, I download episodes on my iPhone whilst I’m out and about. Is there a way that they can be ‘magically’ sent to my phone ? Is there a way to be notified that a new podcast is available ? What I’ve also noticed that if I am downloading a podcast I can’t go back listen to one whilst that one is downloading…. Where do they disappear to ?

What tips would you offer someone new to using podcasts ?
What resources could give me more information ?
How do you manage your podcasts ? What resources do you use ?
What other podcasts are you listening to ?