Scott’s involved in student leadership commenced in 1993 as president of the Junior School Council at his primary school.


He commenced secondary school in 1994 and was elected in Year 7 to the Student Leadership Council and remained re-elected as a member of this organisation throughout secondary school. During Scott’s time on the Student Leadership Council he sat on numerous committees, organised school-based events and represented his school at various conferences and forums (the highlight of these being NASPAC IV in Sydney) Scott was the student representative for the merger process between his school and a local neighbouring school . He also played an important role in developing the constitution and establishing protocols for the Student Leadership Council at the newly formed school.


In both 1998 and 1999, he was elected School Captain\President of the Student Leadership Council (SLC) Through his work with the SLC, he became one of the co-founders and Secretary of Footprints Forever Incorporated; an organisation that aimed to promote awareness about teenage depression and support services available.


In November, 2002, Scott resigned from the management committee of Footprints Forever Inc, seeking a new and exciting challenge. He has been involved with his local council’s Youth Safety Management Team and was involved in establishing a youth version of this committee. He was involved in consultations for the development of the council’s Youth Strategy.

Scott sat as a youth representative on the Community Safety Management Team operating within local government; providing a young people’s perspective on matters relating community safety.

He has been the recipient of numerous awards for community service including the 2000 Australia Day Council Young Citizen of the Year Award and was awarded the Centenary Medal in 2000 for his service to youth.

In 2003, he completed his Bachelor of Primary Education degree at Monash University’s and secured a teaching position at a local Primary School. In 2005, he took on the role of Student Leadership Co-ordinator and has overseen the student council since. Scott joined the VISTA Executive in 2008 after invitation from David Mould to re-establish the organisation after many of the previous executive had retired from teaching.

Scott also has shares a strong interest in the use of Information and Communication Technology in education and is always seeking opportunities to combine his two passions. More recently, he has undertaken work with the Innovations and Next Practice Division of the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to deliver online professional learning to teachers on the subject of student participation, student voice and student leadership and also on the use of web conferencing software.

2011 sees Scott embarking on a new challenge by accepting an ICT Teaching Position at a brand new school in Melbourne’s south-east suburbs.

When not involved with his work, he enjoys swimming, heading to the gym and drinking coffee.

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  1. murch

    Congratulations on all your achievements, Scott. I enjoyed reading about all your many involvements.
    That is why I think the “About Me” page is important. As most of our network is now virtual, we cannot hold the usual conversations to seek out the background information to the person involved.
    As an teacher, I would like to know where you are teaching and the age group of students involved. Even if it is just the fact that you teach in a city school in Melbourne or a country school in the West of the state. When you have time,it would be great to add hyperlinks to some of the organisations that you mention (if they have online websites).

  2. Miss W.

    G’day Scott,
    I notice you signed up for a mentor in the teacher challenges. I notice you are doing well with the challenges. Has your mentor been helpful?

    1. mrduncan Post author

      Hi Miss W,

      Having a mentor for the teacher challenge has been a great help. After feedback I got from visitors to my blog, my mentor has helped me with a few technical issues such as setting up a RSS Feed and dealing with tags and categories. (I realised these topics going to be covered later in the challenge, but it was nice to have this information at a time when I neeeded to know about it)

      My mentor has also given feedback about the structure of some of my posts, which has lead to me re-think and consider how I go about writing them. It’s been great to know that someone has been reading my work and provided that constructive feedback early on.

      I would recommend anyone new to blogging seek out a mentor or support person. It’s nice to know someone is reading what you’ve got to say and that someone can help you out when things don’t quite work the way you think they should !


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