Monthly Archives: February 2015

Learning in 100 words

Define learning in 100 words or less.

Initially I thought this would be easy; just think of this as a dictionary definition. Something along the lines of “the acquisition of new knowledge and skills”. That seemed to easy. A little too easy. How could something that seems so complex be summed up in just a few words?

A quick Google search came up with the following:

“the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught.”

It was the end of the definition that interested me more…

  • What is meant by ‘study’? What should this look like? 
  • What makes for a ‘good’ or ‘quality’ learning experience?
  • How do we make the shift from learning something to it being learnt?

All interesting questions worthy of further exploration and discussion but given it’s the first week back at school for the year, there’s mountains of other work to be done at the moment….

I’m looking forward to reading the posts of others on the subject and perhaps revisiting this in the future.

This post is the fifth in a series as part of the #youredustory challenge. For more information visit their website.