Lollipop moments

School holidays has been a great time to clean out and catch up on all of the blogs I have in my Google Reader.

I stumbled across this TED Talk by Drew Dudley the other day through a post on Lifehack: Top 20 TED Talks that can improve your life.

As we start the new school year this really got me thinking about the conversations we have with students, about the conversations we have through Twitter and PD and at TeachMeets and the power of these to change a persons practice or thinking.

How many lollipop moments are you going to create this year ?

How will you let others know the impact that they have had on you ?



3 thoughts on “Lollipop moments

  1. Patty Titus

    This is awesome! is there a way to get a copy of this video? Usually I’d just download it, but I won’t let me from your website (which is fine)…so I just wondered.

    1. Mr Duncan Post author

      Hi Patty,

      Thanks for the comment. The video is from TED and has been embeded into this blog post from YouTube. I don’t believe you can download them.


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