Reading on the web: Managing the good stuff

I love reading and surfing the web from my iPad. It has become somewhat part of my morning routine now that over a good cup of coffee I will read my email, check Facebook and Twitter and go through the blogs I have subscribed to on Google reader.

As I go about doing this, I’ll often find a good link on Twitter or a great blog post with links that takes me to a great new site or a new blog or details of a book I’d like to read or video I’d like to watch later….

Without wanting to get too sidetracked, I want to “put it somewhere” to follow it up… Eg: buy that book, read the article again, watch that video, search for more information….

So, what do you do with it ?

Lately I’ve been emailing the link to myself, but have noticed that things get lost and it just clogs up my inbox amongst other messages. I also favorite tweets and star Google reader items, but it seems that things are all over the place. I’m sure there’s a better way to put it all in one place, but I’m yet to discover what it is…..

So, how do you manage your reading on the web ?

5 thoughts on “Reading on the web: Managing the good stuff

  1. Mel Cashen


    I would love to know the answer to this, Scott. I too do the same thing with my reader – emailing it to myself.

    I do use Diigo for iPad but because so many things open separate to Safari I need to then open safari to save it and lose where I am up to.

    I also use ever note fo storing some of my notes. It contains my list of books I want to buy.

    So let me know if you come upo with some great place to do it all!


    1. mrduncan Post author

      Hey Mel,

      Thanks for the comment Gotta love school holidays for catching up and having the time to do all this stuff.

      I was using Diigo on my iPad also for bookmarking sites, but had the occasionally issue with them not processing and going through. I’d go and check them on my computer and find they weren’t there.

      I started using Evernote for note taking, but found that I had a lot of issues with using at at school and proxy servers and ports and stuff… so I switched to Toodledo ( It manages my to-do list and keeps track of all my notes. I also love that like Evernote, I can access it across all of my devices.

      Hopefully someone in our great PLN will have a good suggestion or idea to try out !


  2. Lamos10

    Yes Scott,
    You have hit the nail on the head. I am yet to discover an efficient method. I email links to myself and then often don’t get around to following up. I definitely need to learn more about information management. I will watch the responses with great interest.

    1. mrduncan Post author

      Hi Linda,
      Thanks for the comment. That now makes three of us seeking an answer !

      I wrote that post this morning as I was going through all the bits and pieces I subscribe to and through surely there has to be a better way. Let’s hope that someone has an solution we can all try.


  3. Dale Mills

    Glad to know I’m not alone here either. I usually browse Twitter when I am waiting in the car or elsewhere and email all the tweets I want to follow up to myself as well. I find I do the same with Google Reader though when I look at it on the tablet… share it in an email to follow later. I have starred many articles throughout the year but only now am I going back to reading them! Must be a better way I am sure.


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