I can copy, right ?

This post is in response to Activity #5 in the Edublogs Kick Start Your Blog Teacher Challenge.

Copyright and Creative Commons was something I had heard about, but never really quite understood what it all meant. I had seen those little pictures inside circles, but again, wasn’t quite to sure what they were all about. I too have been guilty of jumping onto Google Images, searching for a picture I liked and then simply pasting it into a document, powerpoint or other piece of work I was creating.

This challenge provided me with some clarity about Copyright and the structure of Creative Commons licences. The table featured in the challenge post outlining the different elements of the Creative Commons licences will be something I print out and probably refer quite frequently as I continue to get my head around what it all means.

cut_and_paste by evasee
Photo by evasee licenced under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

 If I have been guilty of “google, cut, paste” I know many of my students are also be obtaining images this way (I think I even taught them how to do this !) Like everything, this is an area that will require explicit instruction for students to develop an awareness of the issue and understand appropriate methods for obtaining images online.

Were you aware of Creative Commons prior to completing this challenge or reading this post ?
What other sites do you use to access your images ?
Do you think this is somthing the majority of teachers are aware about ? How can we spread the word ?
Do you know of any good online activities\lessons\resources that would teach students about copyright and creative commons ?


6 thoughts on “I can copy, right ?

  1. Judi G

    Scott, there is so much to learn about copyright. I am still getting my head around the use of music on the Digital Stories I have my students create. I regularly use Free Play Music (http://www.freeplaymusic.com/) but it is pretty hideous. I was a bit concerned when I added my latest post Animoto as it offers the use of “our Music”. I used it but am not sure of the copyright implications there really! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Sue Waters

    Hi Scott, glad you liked my table. Maybe I should make it bigger and put it in a format that is easier to down load for printing?

    We’ve all been guilty of copy/paste — myself included. What I love the most about blogging is you learn that things like that aren’t the way to do it.

  3. asli saglam

    Hi Scott,
    I really loved the title of your post! May I borrow it when I dare to talk about plagiarism with my students? I was aware of Creative Commons because the university I work for is very sensitive towards the issue of copy rights and there is a timely and consistent effort to flag the idea. We cooperate; there are workshops and sessions that are given by the librarians and teaching staff. However I believe that we learn better through hands on activities.

    1. mrduncan Post author

      Hi Asli,

      Glad you enjoyed the post – feel free to use the title with your students if you wish.

      Was having a read of your blog also. Your work sounds very interesting – Am I correct in assuming you are still based in Turkey ? I am keen to develop some international links with some of the students I teach later in the year.

  4. aslisaglam

    Yes, I am based in Turkey and I would love to take part in international links / a joint project because I am planning to try out a class blog with my university students who are studying at English prep school. All the best.


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