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This post is in response to Activity #4in the Kick Start Your Blog Teacher Challenge.

I had started playing with different sites to create avatars prior to commencing this challenge task in preparation for my new ICT teaching role this year. I am keen setup blogs with the classes I am working with and discuss with strategies the students can use to keep themselves safe online. I have been reading Anne Mirtschin’s new book “Cool Tools for the Connected Classroom” and trying out some of the sites she recommends. I have also been developing a collaborative learning space on the Ultranet with some examples of avatars and sites that students can use to create their own. (After reading the posts of others completing this activity, I think I will now have quite and extensive list !)


Portrait Illustration Maker
I liked this one because it didn’t require students to register or sign up and the process for saving the image once you had created your avatar was easy.

My Avatar Editor
The options for customising your avatar in this site where limited compared to Portrait Illustration Maker. Again, you did not need to sign up to access the site. Creations could be exported in variety of different file formats.

Reasonably Clever
Students I have taught love playing with Lego, so I image the idea of students developing a Lego creation of themselves would be a hit. The only issue I had with this site was saving the image once I had finished. I ended up taking a screen shot (Using the Print Screen button on my keyboard), pasting the image into Microsoft Paint, cropping the image and then saving it as an image file. This could prove slightly more challenging for some students.

My current personal avatar was created using a site called Simpsonise Me. I created this quite a while ago and when I attempted to return to the site today it appears to no longer be operating.



4 thoughts on “Creating Avatars

  1. Britt Gow

    Hi Scott,
    Great to see that you have set up a collaborative learning space on the Ultranet with a collection of avatar creation tools. I am sure that will be a valuable resource for many Victorian teachers. I hope yup have a great start back to school in 2011!

  2. mrduncan Post author

    Thanks Britt ! I’ve got a few spaces and learning tasks ‘under construction’ currently within the Ultranet. Still working on the staff space I showed at the last Ultranet Share N Tell, but also setting up another space for students to learn about how to effectivly use the Ultranet for their learning and another space for my ICT lessons. We only got the internet connected at my new school a few days ago and there are plenty of teething problems as we go about setting up our new network. Got everything crossed that it will be up and running for when the students arrive !

  3. Reba Gordon Matthews

    Hi Scott,

    I had no idea there were so many sites to produce various kinds of avatars. I just did a staff development with teachers on blogging and avatars. I will definitely add your list to their resources. Thanks.

    1. mrduncan Post author

      Thanks Reba – Hope you and your staff find some of the sites useful !

      Have just been checking out your blog as well- lots of great resources there too. I’ll definatly be having a more indepth read and adding your blog to my Google Reader feed.

      Am loving this Teachers Blogging Challenge and all the new contacts and information I am getting !


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