Edublogging Teacher Challenge: Let the games begin !

Tomorrow (Monday 10th January) sees the Edublogging Teaching Challenge kick off and I’m kinda excited ūüėÄ

Having subscribed to many other blogs,  I know how much I have valued reading and learning from their experiences. I hope that I too will have something worthwhile to say and that others will value reading it.

I’m also hoping that as I embark on a new role at a new school, I can continue to blog about the experience and use it as a tool to reflect on my thinking and see that shift in thinking.

I also hope to incorprated the practice of blogging with the students and teachers I will be working with next year and hope this challenge will increase my own professional knowledge in this area.

Let the games begin !

4 thoughts on “Edublogging Teacher Challenge: Let the games begin !

  1. Lois Smethurst

    Hi Scott
    Its great to see you in the Blogging Challenge.
    I agree with you that if you want your students to blog then you should be a blogger too. It is one of the times that it is important for the teacher to understand how an ICT tool works before the students do. I’d recommend starting primary school students blogging on a shared class blog until everyone has a better understanding of the implications and etiquette involved.
    Good luck with the rest of the Challenge

  2. Anne Mirtschin

    Hi Scott, thanks for visiting my blog and checking out my ‘about me’ page. I don’t think mine is very good at all, so much so that the blog challenge was written very much with me in mind and what I need to do. Thanks for being complimentary anyway. I also want to add my interests, my passions (both within and outside of education)and much more. I do agree that images are important but I think I will change some and add a few more.
    I like the theme that you have for your blog. Which one is that? It is clean, easy to read but very effective.

    1. Scott Duncan Post author

      Hi Anne !

      Thanks for dropping by. I think I will do some small tweaking to my about me page, but I would like to see some other examples of well constructed about me pages to get some ideas. I’ve already had a hunt around and have kept notes for a post about the ones that I liked. I’ve decided to have a play with setting up a disclaimer page for my blog after seeing it on a few others.

      The tweet symbol at the top of the post is called TweetMeme Retweet Button and is under Plugin’s Tab.

      The theme for my blog is called “Connections”. I think picking the theme has been the hardest part of the challege so far !

      I’ve been playing with the threaded comments feature so hopefully if I have set this up correctly my reply will appear as a thread ! Wish me luck !!!


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