iPad – First Impressions



After some subtle hints, Santa was good to me this year and bought me an iPad. 🙂

Below are my reflections on using it after a week….


Mel Cashion recommended me The Age app which has been great for school holidays. Love that I can download the newspaper and read it from wherever I am. The 30 day trial has been great and will more than likely continue with an education subscription (at only $22.50for the whole year why not ?)

Jenny Ashby and her iPad trial blog have given me some good ideas and apps to download. I’m keen to take a look at more of these and see how they could be used for teaching and learning.

 After talk about the shutdown of Delicious, I’m moved my bookmarks across to Diigo. After a bit of reading, I’ve now installed the web app for bookmarking. This allows me to move between my comp, iPad and iPhone. 🙂

I’ve also downloaded the Kindle app and had a play with iBooks. Looking forward to being able to purchase books now online to read .

Tweet Deck is another app that works great on the iPad and allows me to keep up with the happenings on Twitter.



Having issues setting my home e-mail account up. Haven’t really tried to hard with this, but need to look into it. I also need to work out a way to manage my email better. All my email accounts are set to download to my computer and remove themselves from the mail server once I’ve downloaded them.

 Apps that I have started to enjoy using on my iPhone arn’t that great on the iPad. An example of this is my to-do list, Remember the Milk. It’s great on the web, and great on my iPhone, but just doesn’t work as well on the iPad. In the meantime I’m using loading up the webpage on my iPad until I find something better or they make an iPad app.

 I’m still trying to get my head around what is the best way to work across my computer, iPad and sometimes my iPhone. I was playing around with creating spreadsheet using the Numbers App on my iPad, but then wanted to make it available for me to access anywhere.  I had also been playing with Dropbox and was hoping I could “send” it there somehow, but didn’t have much success with that. I’m thinking that Google Docs could be an option, but I find working in Google Docs rather slow at times.

Keen to find an app that would be good for taking notes, but also allows for you to draw pictures, highlight etc.. At the moment I use Evernote for taking notes and having them available across my PC and iPhone.


I’ve heard that my new school has purcahsed some iPads to use and during our induction week, someone is coming up in to give as a few tutorials on using them. I’m hoping to use this as an opportunity to seek some answers to questions and a chance to find out some more. In the meantime, my great PLN on Twitter has been a great support.

4 thoughts on “iPad – First Impressions

  1. brittgow

    Congratulations Scott – Santa must have thought you’ve been good this year 😉 Keep trying with the home email; I have my gmail, me.com and edumail accounts all linked to access from the iPad and it is one of the best features, being able to browse my mail on the couch.
    I use ToDo for reminders, but think that will be more useful when I am back at work. Diigo doesn’t seem to work as well on the iPad as Delicious did, unfortunately, but I am also using Evernote to save files to read later and bookmark from the computer if they are worth keeping.
    The Voice Recorder app, CropSuey, EasyChart HD, Living Earth, ABC iView, Time Zones and FlickStackr are all apps I am enjoying that will be useful at school.
    While you’re on holidays, you might like to try Scrabble, ArtPuzzles and Tesla Toy, just for fun!

  2. mrduncan Post author

    Hi Britt !

    Thanks for the app suggestions. I’ll go and check those out. It’s great being on holidays and having time to play with all this fantastic technology !

  3. Anne De Manser

    Hi Scott
    Santa bought me an iPad too and I’m sharing similar joy and frustrations as you.
    My favourite app is Flipboard. Browsing Twitter & Facebook with it is just amazing, especially now that so many of my PLN have joined the 365 challenge and their photos come up in such great definition.You can also add other feeds like Google Reader and online shopping site updates, all my favourite things in one place 🙂
    I’m also pretty happy that I won’t have to get so aggro about people pinching my Age from the staff room table this year, because I’ll have it on the iPad and I’ve already read two best sellers downloaded from kobo. The night setting is perfect for reading in bed without disturbing my husband.
    Like you, I’m really struggling with how to manage everything across the iPad, iPhone, desktop and ageing school laptop. I feel like I’m losing stuff left , right and centre because each device is necessary in their own right but the information can’t be synched. I imagine this will be even more of a problem when I get back to school and add the ‘anti Mac’ school network to the mix!
    I’d appreciate you letting me know of any solutions you find and i will do the same.

  4. mrduncan Post author

    Thanks for the suggestion re: Flipboard. I’ll take a look at that one.

    I am loving using TweetDeck on the iPad to keep up with all the going ons with my PLN. Haven’t downloaded many books yet; got a few in hardcopy I want to get finished first before I start on any more – might be incentive for me to get through them quicker ! 😛

    I’ve only just discovered Google Reader recently and wish I found it earlier. Previously I was subscribing to so many blogs by e-mail and it kept filling up my inbox. Using Google Reader is so much better.

    I’m re-visiting Google Docs in terms of trying to work across all devices which seems to be working best so far… but I’m still on the lookout for a beter way

    Good Luck with your iPad Learning Journey and keep us all posted if you find any great tips, tricks or tools !


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