Monthly Archives: November 2010

Switching off

Reports. Graduation. Student Council Elections. Preparing to pack to move classrooms. Yearbook. New computer purchase. Buying furniture for our new BER Building. Christmas Parties. Christmas Concert. Booklists. Grade Lists…

And there’s how many weeks left till holidays ?

Yesterday morning, as I do each Thursday, I dragged myself out of bed at the insane hour of 5:45am to head off swimming.

Maybe it’s the silence underneath the water, maybe it’s because I’m too busy thinking about how many laps I’ve done or maybe it’s because I’m too busy remembering to kick my legs properly, turn my head less, watch out for the wall at the end of the pool….

….but for 45 minutes, none of the above occupied my mind. I was able to find the off switch to my brain and forget about the above.

So, as approach what is a hectic time for most of us, what do you switch off ?