A plan we need. Yes, a plan, indeed !

One of the great jobs I have at my school is to be the staff advisor to the Student Leadership Council. Student Leadership has always been, and still is, a passion of mine.  (I could easily write a whole seperate post about how I got into it and the work I have done over many years)

This Tuesday, I had the Student Leadership Council present their action plans to our principal team for their feedback and approval. This gave them a real audience to present in front of and a purpose in getting their plans completed.

These plans have been almost a month in the making. They commenced work on them at our Training Day earlier this year and they have worked on them during  our subsequent meetings back at school.

I had organised catering in recognition of the lunchtimes they were giving up. I discussed their their plans with them. I asked them questions about how the event would unfold and what it would look. I was critical in an attempt to get them to think clearly about what their event or proposed action would look like and ensure they had all bases covered. 

So, I informed them that next week both our principal and assistant principal would be present at the our next meeting. Their plans would need to be completed in their own time.

I informed them of times I was available to provide assistance and answer questions.

…despite doing all this, I knew that none of them would have their plans ready for the following week.

And so – a week goes by. All of the students in our student council are in Grade 5 &6. As one of the 5\6 teachers, we meet together with our students at the beginning of the school day to address them as a section. I reminded them of today’s meeting and how they would be required to present their plans.

The expressions on most of their faces confirmed my earlier prediction.

I cross paths with some of the students throughout the day and observe them frantically working away at their plans during recess. Another 5\6 teacher tells me how two students raced through her work in order to get time in class to finish off their plans.

Lunchtime arrives and our meeting is called to order. I inform them that both the Principal and Assistant Principal are running late and recommend that they use the time to practice the presentations in front of the other students.

And so, each group fumbled their way through their presentations.

And at the the end of each presentation I ask the question:

“You wern’t prepared to present today, were you ?”

After all  teams have presented, I discuss their plans and their lack of preperation with them.  We talk about how if I as a teacher arrived at a class unprepared how that would impact on others.

I let them in on my secret. I tell them that the Prin and the AP arn’t coming and that they have an extra week to prepare.

I have also asked for them to reflect on their experience at presenting their plans at our next meeting.  I hope they will learn from experience and arrive prepared. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A plan we need. Yes, a plan, indeed !

  1. murch

    Hi Scott, students are the same everywhere! I wonder if you gave them a link to an online notepad eg ietherpad or google docs and shared the link with them, whether they might put down some ideas in their own time. Do they have internet access at home? I often wonder whether getting to them to use technology would encourage them to do it, or would it still be the same – they dont do the preparation! Hope they all enjoyed the food!

  2. mrduncan Post author

    Thanks for the feedback Anne.

    This is the first year I have created a wiki for our student council. I have used this to post copies of planning templates, minutes from our meetings and resources that will assist them. Unfortunatly not all of them have computers or access to the internet at home…

    Since writing the above post (It’s been sitting in the drafts folder waiting to be finished !) one of the students presented his action plan in a powerpoint presentation that he had saved on to his USB. He did a brillant job presenting it; making sure he expanded on each of the dot points rather than just read off the screen (a tip a few adults or presenters at PD’s could pick up on!). The AP was very impressed with his presentation and approved his project.

    One of the sessions I plan on running for my online professional learning series will explore how student councils\organisations using ICT. If you know of any good contacts, drop their names my way !


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